Goals of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace

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Congressman Robert Wexler has resigned from being a congressman to becoming the president of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. Albeit, the exact reason was not clear why he did so, Washington and various groups were baffled with his decision.

The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace was established by US Congressman Wayne Owens and S. Daniel Abraham, who was the chairman of Slim Fast Food. It’s an American non-profit organization.

When Wexler resigned from Congress, he disclosed that he and his family decided that he cannot pass up on the superb opportunity for him to head the Middle East Peace institute.

He also reiterated that there were no problems in his family and personal life, and that being president of the peace group, quote: “…may not be sexy as some other things, but this is what I’m doing,” unquote.

Some experts expressed their thoughts that Wexler fits the role to a tee because of his experience as a statesman.

Wexler has been a significant Jewish figure in US politics and was able to command respect from even the Jewish liberals.

Apparently, the goals of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace organization are primarily to bring peace in the Middle East.

Goals of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace organization

To work with American and Middle East leaders to come up with a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict

To support negotiations between the leaders or politicians of the countries involved through its extensive geographical data

To conduct meetings, workshops and establish diplomatic exchanges between these countries with the goal of achieving peace in the region

To establish measures that would prevent future conflicts between the United States and the Middle east countries

To sponsor fact-finding missions for politicians and private individuals to meet their counterparts in the Middle East

To sponsor government officials to visit the Middle East and witness the challenges that peacemakers encounter in the area

To send staff to the Middle East to observe first-hand the on-goings with regards to peace undertakings by the local sector

To provide essential data to support peace-keeping personnel and government officials, who would want to help in the quest for peace

To provide support to people who want to join the peace efforts in the Middle East

These are the goals of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. It has been and is still an organization that is involved in business and diplomatic concerns in the Middle East and the United States.

Through the leadership of Chairman S. Daniel Abraham, President Robert Wexler and Executive Vice President Toni Verstandig, the organization has spearheaded various peace-making efforts in between governments and countries.

You can learn more about the updates about this noble peace effort through its website: http://www.centerpeace.org/explore/news-updates/.

You can also make use of the website’s significant resources. The site is accessible from your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Robert Wexler has, indeed, moved on to nobler endeavors through his contribution to world peace with the fulfillment of the organization’s goals in the Middle East.

Robert Wexler and His Political Journey

American Flag

Being a politician like Robert Wexler, who has risen up from the ranks, but who eventually resigned from office can be daunting.

He was the representative of the 19th congressional district of Florida from 1997 to 2010, and has been unchallenged in office. He was reelected five times.

Wexler was a lawyer for Shutts and Bowen before he was elected as representative.

During his term, he has accomplished the following:

Supported the impeachment proceedings of the Bush administration due to alleged abuse of power

Endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama for presidency in 2008

Sponsored various bills, some of them are the following:

H.R. 2742 – It was a bill authorizing the president to extend normal trade relations treatment to the products of Azerbaijan. It was introduced in 2009, but was not enacted.

H.R. 1863 – It was a bill that acts to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and to impose tax in excess of benefits and contributions. It was introduced in 2009, but was not enacted.

H.R. 1977 – Known as the Drywall safety act 2009, it was a bill that required the Consumer Product Safety Commission to study the drywall products from China in the year 2004 to 2007. It was introduced in 2009, but was not enacted.

H.R. 1832 – This was the Medicare Prescription Drug Affordability Act 0f 2009 that was introduced in 2009, but was not enacted. It directed the lowering of the cost of prescription drugs and attempted to do so with similar substances like amino acids weight loss products.

H.Con.Res. 74 – This was a House Concurrent Resolution, which was introduced in 2009, but was not approved by the Senate. It was concerned about reducing by 50% global road deaths and in increasing road safety.

H.Con.Res. 89 – This was another House Concurrent Resolution that focused on supporting the goals and objectives of the Prague Conference on Holocaust Era process. It was passed by the Congress in 2009, but was not enacted by the Senate.

H.R. 5924 – This is the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act that was introduced in 2008 but was not enacted by the Senate.

Became the Director of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation in 2010, when he resigned as a congressman.

Appeared on various TV shows namely: The Colbert Report, The Hill and The Daily Show, John Oliver.

On the Colbert Report, Wexler stated that he enjoys cocaine and the company of prostitutes because they are fun things to do. This made raves in America.

Colbert disclosed that it was a joke and the Congressman had a sense of humor. But some quarters may have misconstrued Wexler’s statement based on their negative reactions. Wexler took it well, though.

His team created websites namely: “WexlerForCongress.com” and he personally created WexlerWantsHearings.com. These were well received by readers with more than 200,000 people joining his campaign for impeachment on the WexlerWantsHearings.com website.

The websites, however, are now shut down because the campaign has already ended. But the response was tremendous, demonstrating the public’s support to his campaigns.

As a public figure, Robert Wexler can probably say that he has lived a full life for being able to campaign for the issues he felt passionate about.